AEONRG's Current and Past Performances ($12 million):

Albany VAMC (NY)

Auxillary Handling Unit Replacement

Asheville VAMC (NC)

Patient Garden with Customized Planters

Baltimore VAMC (MD)

Air Balancing

Buffalo VAMC (NY)

Deep Cleaning of Stairwells, Kitchens, Plus

Butler VAMC (PA)

Chiller R&M

Generators PM & Load Tests

Castle Point VAMC (NY)

High Voltage Electrical Testing and Maintenance

Coatesville VAMC (PA)

Replace Boiler Steam Drum Brackets

Replace Twin Condensate Polisher System

Boiler Safety Device Testing (Multi-year)

Chiller Bldg 17 M&R x2

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (NJ)

Deployment Control Center Expansion

Lebanon VAMC (PA)

Repair Extensive Sink Hole

Site Superintendent – Life Safety Improvements

Lyons VAMC (NJ)

Two Condensate Pumps

Philadelphia VAMC (PA)


36C24422P0464 Bldg 8 Turbine Ventilators

642-P28970 Parking Garage Door Glass

36C244N1047 CT Simulator

36C24422C0064 Replace Domestic Water System  Bldg 1, Phase 2

36C24423C0007 Warehouse Industrial Refrigeration Removal & Office Space Upgrades

36C24422C0059 Bldg 2, 30 refrigerator Condensing Unit and Door Repairs

36C24423P0111 Repair and Upgrade Air Handler RTU3

36C24422C0041 Campus Fire Protection Install PIVs


36C24421C0093 D/B Building 5 Trailer Replacement

36C24421C0084 Replace Bldg. 2 Elevator Doors

36C24421C0067 Install Fire Protection Loading Dock 1 

Emergency Work: Bldg 2 Loading dock Lift Assessment

36C24421C0070 Replacement of Utility Fan

36C24421C0058 Site Preparation for Electrospinner


(2020 VAMC projects were on hold / Covid year)


36C24419C0182 A-10 Substation Switchgear Upgrade

36C24420C0033 Bldg 1 Contingency Chemo Storage Room

36C24419P0676 Dishwasher Exhaust Fan Replacement, Bldg 2

36C24419P0658 Steam Stations Upgrade

36C24419P0868 Epoxy Floor Replacement

36C24419C0093 Dishwasher Floor Replacement


36C24418P5090 Clean and Test Power Substations

36C24419P0180 Replace Hot Coils, Valves, Converters

36C24418P5103 Replace Phoenix Valves Building 2

36C24418C0267 Install Self-Imaging HVAC System Bldg 21

VA24417C0390 Bldg 1 4th Floor Renovations

VA24417P6314 Replace HVAC


VA24416C0381 Chiller Tower Filter #4 Replacement

VA24417P5943 Replace Fans EF17 and EF18

VA24417P6403 Human Resources Flooring Replacement

VA24417C0311 New Site Drains / Plumbing CLC 02

VA24417P6334 Steam Pipe Valve Replacement

VA24417P3452 Replace A/C Unit in Bldgs 3 and 5

VA24417P2275 Replace Two Exhaust Fans

VA24417P2504 CLC Electrical Switchgear Installation 3 Emer HVAC POS as requested by Philadelphia VAMC


642C60155 Replace 84 Voltage Insulators

5 Emergency Electrical Projects (ex PO 642P77082 & 642P80352)

642C60367 Replace Fan in Women’s Clinic

VA24417P0956 Heating Pump Filters

VA24417P3348 Motor Control Replaced with Electrical Panel

Washington Crossing NCA (PA)

Dumpsters and Recycling

M&R – Concrete, Asphalt, Electrical, Alarm & Columbarium

Wilkes-Barre VAMC (PA)

Air Monitoring

Electrical PM & Testing, Entire Hospital

Negative Pressure Filter Change

Sprinkler System, Testing, M&R


Wilmington VAMC (DE)

Boiler 1 Refractory

Electrical PM & Test, Entire Hospital

Power Wash Concrete and Pavilion

UPS Install and PM

STATE (Pennsylvania)

Bethlehem Crime Lab

Monthly Grounds Maintenance

PANG Ft Indiantown Gap

Window Washing

PANG Spring City

Window Washing & Caulking

Solar Field Civil Eng/M&R

Past Projects


PANG Solar Field – Site Preparation and Grounds Maintenance – 20 years

Mount Moriah Cemetary, Philadelphia – Restoration of Naval & Soldier Plots, Design-Build

Washington Crossing National Cemetary – Repair Sidewalk, Storm Inlets, Floors, Design-Build

Butler VA Medical Center – Load Bank Testing

Coatesville VA Medical Center – Chiller, Shaft, and Bearings Replacement

Coatesville VA Medical Center – Boiler Testing

Coatesvilla VA Medical Center – Fence Repair

Fort Indiantown Gap – Window Washing

Philadelphia VA Medcal Center – Valve Replacement

Philadelphia VA Medcal Center – Geotechnical Engineering Analysis

Philadelphia VA Medcal Center – Modify Ductwork and Replace Fan

Philadelphia VA Medcal Center – Heating Pump Filter Installation

Philadelphia VA Medcal Center – Installation of New Cooling Tower and Filter

Lebanon VA Medical Center – Repair Sinkhole, Asphalt, and Concrete Work

Wilmington VA Medical Center – UPS Installation & Maintenance

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Replace Audio Visual System

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Replace Carpet, Director’s Suite

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Hood & Duct Cleaning – 5 Year Contract

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Re-installation of Radiation Monitor

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Replace Uninterrupted Power Supply

Wilmington VA Medical Center – Grounds Maintenance – 5 Year Contract


Coatesville VA Medical Center – Fire Suppression System, Design-Build

Coatesville VA Medical Center – Vinyl Flooring Building No. 1

Lebanon VA Medical Center – Repair Front Drive and Parking Lots

Philadelphia VA Medical Center – Turf & Landscape Maintenance

Norristown State Hospital – Refurbish Dietary Floors Bldg. 21, Epoxy Flooring

Pennsylvania State Police, Bethlehem Station – Landscaping

PA DGS, Loysville Youth Development Center – Bathroom/Shower Room Renovation

GSA, Allentown Federal Courthouse – Renovation to Floor Corridors


Coatesville VA Medical Center – Re-tube Boiler, Sewer Piping Repair, Tree Removal, Office Renovations

Washington Crossing National Cemetery – Landscaping, Ground Survey, Waste Removal

Various Projects in 2014 at Governors Mansion, PA State Police Headquarters, PENNDOT,

Maguire Air Force Base, Ephrata Cloister, Historical & Museum Commission


Coatesville VA Medical Center – UPS Maintenance Services, Replacement of 6 Transformers

Various Projects in 2013 at USCG – Cape May, Lebanon VAMC, PA Crime Lab

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